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Complete Line of Sheer Hosiery

Complete Line of Sheer Hosiery to Check Out Below


Just when you thought the bare leg trend was here to stay, Sheer Hosiery is making a comeback slowly since the fall of 2002. Now hosiery companies are making innovative sheer hosiery that looks like baby oil on your legs without the hint of pantyhose. Sheer Hosiery that actually shapes a woman’s legs to compliment her outfit. Since the casual workplace is looked down upon more and more, dress is replacing it with sheer hosiery a must for ladies to look more professional.

 2002 found only 25% of women under 25 years of age wearing sheer hosiery and today it is 45%. You might say the increase in sheer hosiery sales is because of the workplace,. Yet what a woman wears at work, carries over in her casual life. Companies are courting the younger women with bright colored footless leggings with sheer hosiery that is transparent, yet a sexy silky feel on their legs.

 Many women think of the pantyhose department as their mom’s section in the store, until Hue sheer hosiery came on the scene. With revamped packaging to update the look, the brand is associated with on trend looks with sheer hosiery.

The theory of young girls with flat tummies that do not need the support of pantyhose has been debunked. With the toeless sheer hosiery, transparent shaper sheer hosiery and footless leggings they want control in hosiery. Young shoppers are checking out the higher end department stores to stock up on toeless sheer hosiery for vacation for the support that compliments and quick tan they provide until they can nuture one over the following week. Besides the many benefits sheer hosiery provides us ladies, men when confronted…will admit to finding them very sexy on women and would be thrilled if their woman began wearing regularly. Those ladies that wear sheer hosiery, 64 percent of them wear sheers to make their legs look sexy. One more thought from the L’eggs survey, they found Halle Berry was voted as the Sexiest woman Celebrity in pantyhose today!

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