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College Girls Starting Pantyhose Fashion Trend?

College girls are beginning to pop up wearing pantyhose fashion everywhere lately, is this a sign of the times? The boring bare legs with flip flops might be coming to an end.

Pantyhose Fashion on College Girls

Pantyhose Fashion on College Girls

College Girls On Pantyhose Fashion

Several years ago when we began promoting hosiery fashion among women everywhere, the response a majority of the time was why. Yet presently it is refreshing to see young ladies wanting to know more about pantyhose and stockings as a fashion accesory.

If you are a young woman or College girl that best hosiery to start out with are the black tights or off black pantyhose. This way you will not draw criticize from the hardcore bare leg crowd, you know the fear of we lost another one from the herd mentality. Yet you are discovering if hosiery fashion is for you or not, they are sexy to men, hide imperfections on your legs and even females that do not wear admit, “Pantyhose can make any woman’s legs look good!”

With so many theme party’s such as the 70’s or 80’s being hosted by College girls everywhere, why not have an original Pantyhose Party? You never know your friends might actually enjoy the positive attention from the men in the room and join you in your pantyhose experience of giving them a try.

Celebrity hosiery fashion has been appearing for over two years now on TV and in the tabloids, which is about the amount of time for anything related to fashion to make it to the east coast and begin to catch on. Beyonce always wears sheer support pantyhose and it is very difficult to capture a picture of her in bare legs. So it is nature for young impressionable college girls to notice celebrities in their fashion, we wish them luck!

College Girls Wearing Pantyhose Fashion Candid Video

12 Responses to “College Girls Starting Pantyhose Fashion Trend?”

  1. zahnman1 says:

    great send me the password

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  3. Legglover says:

    Love the video!

  4. Guube says:

    Ooooh..very nice pictures and legs.
    It is so nice when women using pantyhose or tights. Their legs and feet in pantyhose, makes me so happy.

  5. nyloncladguy1 says:

    It’s about time that pantyhose and stockings made a come back with the younger ladies out there. Bare legs are okay now and then but nothing nicer than some silky hose on legs no matter what the shape or size.

  6. Rhino64 says:

    Loved the video. Great to see so many college girls wearing pantyhose. Pantyhose lives – especially with pop stars like Lady Gaga, Beyone, Katy Perry and Rhianna wearing pantyhose all the time! They make for great role models.

  7. Eric Ridenour says:

    What I would give to meet you, girly. I am a good lookin, athletic man, who loves to see gals wearing pantyhose. I am so turned on by that type of woman and a girl who insist on the bare-legged look turns me off, as I can see their imperfections, clumps of fat maybe, and blemishes. A gal who cares enough to put on pantyhose tells me a few things about herself. First, she is confident and cares about the way she looks and has a large degree of sex appeal. She is aware of what draws men in and how to wrap them up. Pantyhose add a tremendous foreplay factor meaning, that a pretty gal can tease and excite a potential boyfriend, just the site of her legs and feet in them in enough to make any REAL man melt in her lap. A bare-legged women needs to abandon her stubborn attitude and start thinking on what REAL men are drawn to. My previous girlfriend absolutely refused to wear pantyhose for me. This told me that she was selfish, only desiring to please herself and blind to my desires. I dropped her and am so much happier with my current gal.

  8. Knits Seitnap says:

    It feels soooo sexy to fuck with pantyhose on and no panties. Sex with a pantygirdle on feels good too..

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  11. roger says:

    any woman who has pantyhose on makes me horny and makes my cock hard

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