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Best Pantyhose for Open Toed Sandals

There are pantyhose for any type of outfit or footwear, including open toed sandals. It just blows me away when these so called Fashion Police on TV say it is a sin to wear pantyhose with open toed sandals, eh? Then why do the hosiery companies have pantyhose and stockings that say “Sandal Toe”, should they say “Open Toed Sandals” to be more specific? lol…

Find the Right Pantyhose for your Open Toes Sandals

There is nothing more sexier than a female in the proper hosiery that compliments her legs and outfit with a pair of sexy open toed sandals. It just drives men crazy for some reason to see a woman’s toes peeking out in her heels with a large portion of her ankle showing as well. The favorite footwear for men to notice a woman in is the Open Toed Sandal in the 3-4 inch range, with the 5 inch coming in a close second with pantyhose of course!

Although Shiny Pantyhose are sexy, a little too much for Open Toed Sandals

When selecting the right pantyhose for open toed sandals, be sure not to get the heavy shiny denier hosiery, otherwise all the attention will be put on your legs and that is not what you want when showcasing your feet. Stay with a 10-15 denier sheer or shimmery pantyhose, you know the ones….looks almost like you have baby oil on your legs (wow, so sexy). Then get the invisible reinforced toe like the ones in the header picture of this article posting on the “Best Pantyhose for Open Toed Sandals“.  I recommend the Pretty Polly Oil Sheen pantyhose, since you can actually wear those hose to the beach under your swimsuit and still get a tan. Everyone will think you have baby oil on your legs from the shimmery appearance and you have to get real close to stare at the toes before noticing you have pantyhose on. This way you have firm looking legs and can wear Open Toed Sandals with your swimsuit and wrap!

Black Pantyhose are classic with open toed sandalsI know ladies that understand there are pantyhose for open toed sandals, but always wear black or off black hosiery. I am here to share a secret with you, men have fallen in love with the shimmery suntan shade on us ladies. If you want to be safe and not have other females roll their eyes at you for wearing hosiery, stay with the black..yet I know if you want to impress men…go shimmery suntan for the best pantyhose for open toed sandals girlfriend! If you cannot find the invisible reinforced toe stockings, then you can wear reinforced hosiery…despite what they say on the video below. Make sure you take the open toed sandals you want to wear with reinforced pantyhose to check, but the reinforced toe should cover the toes so much you do not see the part where the nylon is darker, make sure the shoe covers it as not to draw attention!

Pantyhose for Open Toed Sandals

8 Responses to “Best Pantyhose for Open Toed Sandals”

  1. Sweet & her Husband Outlaw are so right. Who in the world gave these so called fashion Gurus ther right to tell people what right or wrong to wear. I know I for one love seeing womans toes in Hose, and my wife wears PH 24/7/365 just like Sweet. She also wears OPEN TOE Sandles. Not once has she ever been told by anyone while out that that didn’t look right and how dare she wear thoes shoes and hose at the same time. She has been aproched many times (mostly by men, but a few ladies) on how nice she looked, and her legs. So Stop listening to the idiots and wear what you feel you look good in ladies. Hoping it’s with Hose!!!!
    If you noticed lot of celebs are wearing hose again, and gues what they have OMG!!!! Open Toe Sandles….

  2. Open toe heels are the way to go when wearing pantyhose. Enough said. I look when I can because its appealing, and very sexy to me to see a woman’s sexy feet and toes peircing out from her heels and pantyhose at me. These fashion experts don’t know anything.

  3. Andy says:

    We agree, my boyfreind Thomas and me. YES pantyhose is the way to go when wearing open toe sandals. We certainly do not agree with those fashion experts saying no no to pantyhose and high heel sandals or open toe heels.

    Both me and Thomas are wearing pantyhose to open toe sandals and open toe heels.
    It makes my legs looking smother and A LOT SEXIER and its more comfortable wearing pantyhose if you´re up on your feet a whole day in high heel sandals.
    This goes for Thomas too.

    -Hi guys, yes I agree with Andy. Wearing pantyhose and open toe sandals IS THE WAY TO GO, said Thomas.

    -Like Andy say, its makes my legs look better, sexier. I feel better and its more comfortable wearing pantyhose to my open to sandals. Being in my open toe high heel sandals from early morning to late evening I just need to be in a nice looking pantyhose. I feel better and my feet certaninly feels better too, said Thomas.


  4. kor975 says:

    Love Your posts. Thank you for the info

  5. Eve says:

    Women’s legs in hose, it doesn’t get much better than that, except open toe shoes with hose. Thank you ladies. The brutal truth is that most (men and women) don’t have legs and feet that are attractive to look at, hose improves everyone’s legs.

  6. Tanya Taylor says:

    I so agree, we need to make sure that girls/TV’s forget about those people who keep telling us not to wear pantyhose with open-toed heels. We all did it back in the 80’s, and we all got so many looks and smiles back then!! I wore my open toed heels last night shopping and I sure got a lot of nice looks!!

  7. Harry Johns says:

    I love looking at women’s reinforced toe pantyhose feet with dress sandals or strappy sandals. Yum, yum. I think it is the most sexy thing I have ever seen. Show them off ladies, some of us men love it. Sincerely, the starer.

  8. Brian W. says:

    I believe that pantyhose with open toe shoes still looks very elegant and sexy. I don’t who the heck told these women that wearing pantyhose with open toes is a fashion no-no. These rules were made up by these so called fashion experts who simply hate the look, see it as a thing in the past, still have this Sex and the City mentality when it comes to fashion, and dictate women into a belief that pantyhose and open toe shoes is a fashion faux pas. It is never a fashion faux pas to wear pantyhose with open toe shoes. Not all women have the feet and legs to go bare as pantyhose enhances the look on their legs and feet. Even a number of celebrities also wear pantyhose with open toe shoes as well. If women continue to wear pantyhose with open toe shoes, they will not just get the attention from men, but will feel good about their neatness and appearance.

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