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Best Durable Pantyhose


Lack of labels with name of manufacturer and size is but one frustration women have with pantyhose, yet Best Durable Pantyhose are the main issue with women today!

Lydia Justice Edwards, Idaho’s state treasurer who started the pantyhose “wars,” thinks it would be a good idea if manufacturers had to put an 800 number in pantyhose labels so consumer would know where to complain about defective merchandise. It is required on a large majority of consumer products, but not hosiery.

Unless you save pantyhose packaging, it’s hard to know which styles and sizes wear best for you after you’ve got a stack of laundry. How many females purchase the same exact brand and style? Myself I love stocking up on the European brands because they have the Best Durable Pantyhose in the world today.

Some makers have begun putting labels into pantyhose because women are demanding it.

But one executive in the industry says sewing labels in adds from 25 to 50 cents to the cost per pair.

Durability is the real issue for the best pantyhose

An even bigger beef is best durability. Women who stuffed our mailbox, fax and phone lines with complaints and comments about durable pantyhose feel the industry operates on the planned obsolescence theory.

The hosiery industry says that’s not true, and that if women want “sheer and lovely” they’ll have to accept stockings that snag and run more readily.

Last year pantyhose sales reportedly dropped 7.5 percent. However, there also were reports that pant socks and opaque tights were making a stronger statement in the fashion world and at the sales counter as the Best Durable Pantyhose to wear.

In the past two years the hosiery industry has tried to create new durable products and use new processes for best pantyhose to please customers, said Paula Killough, hosiery buyer for 35 Bon Marche stores.

New yarns are more durable and softer, and more flexible to fit the smallest and largest bodies. And the pressing process for pantyhose best packaging is being changed. While pressing makes the hose look neat, not wrinkled in the package, some heating processes damage the yarns and shorten the product’s life.

Most hosiery makers don’t list the denier, or fabric weight. But look for 20 denier and up to be in greater usage, Killough says. Sheer hosiery usually is 10 denier; opaque is about 70 denier. The heavier the denier the more durable the stockings will be.

But wait ’til you read Killough’s estimate for your annual hosiery budget, it may blow you away. Counting all lengths and styles – knee highs, pant socks, tights, fancy pantyhose sheers and athletic socks – Killough estimates the average consumer will spend $360 a year. But the Best Durable Pantyhose are still purchased aboard, compared to USA brands!

The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing its hosiery guidelines that relate to deceptive marketing and advertising claims on factors such as the twist of yarn to a fabric’s resistance to snagging.

To comment, write before June 14 to the Secretary, Federal Trade Commission, Room H-159, Sixth Street and Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 20580, and refer to 16 CFR Part 22, Hosiery.

If you’d like a free copy of “The Sheer Facts About Hosiery” call (800) 346-7379, or write the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers, 200 North Sharon Amity Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211.

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  1. […] with women today! Lydia Justice Edwards, Idaho??s state treasurer who started the pantyhose ???wars, Jobst UltraSheer Knee High Mild Compression Stockings … jobst UltraSheer […]

  2. […] women today! Lydia Justice Edwards, Idaho??

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  4. I have heard a lot on this discuss, but it seems to me that your point are the best.I like the post very much.

  5. abby says:

    As far as pantyhose and getting a little bit of usage out of a pair, yet not spending a whole lot of money?! Walmart carries the line “George”. Not only are they priced right about $5 for pantyhose and thigh high stockings, but you don’t end up with the control top portion of the hose sliding down! The legs also hold their shape very well! And the nylon/lycra mix seems to have the tendancy of not only less of the snags and runs, but feel nice and snug without choking your lower extremities!
    And to add to the ‘George’ line, they also have a very sexy line-up of Fashion Hosiery. (seems to be the tag given to pantyhose with a design) Denier, in my oppinion is probably 20 to upper 20’s…not really sure because it is not listed!
    And a really nice tip for you ladies and gents…hit up the thrift stores! I know the sterotype already. Think it’s always second hand? Not the women’s hosiery! Usually in the package still! I have come across plenty of Wolford brand, and many other high-end manufactured hosiery items. Wolford pantyhose run you about $50 range. Yes!!!, a pair! I have purchased as low as 25cents!
    One last note. Spend the extra time in the shower or tub and smooth down those heels and any other rough spots on your feet! Better yet. They say women spend an average of $360 for hosiery? Take $100 of that and get a pedicure bi-monthly and I know you will be below the $360 a year, and that includes the pedicures! Not to mention when you wear those hose now your toes will look sexy as well! Take care

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