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Sexy Halloween Costumes Top Ten 2009

Sexy Halloween Costumes are being restocked for October 2009 Halloween parties this year! The top ten sexy adult costumes last year and predicted for 2009 are: Angel Costume, Cop Costume, Belly Dancer Costume, Disco Costume, Flapper Costume, Spanish Costume, Devil Costume ,Princess Costume, Red Riding Hood Costume and last but not the least, French Maid Costume!

Adult Halloween Costumes

Adult Halloween Costumes

Costumes to Pick From

Angel Costume in virgin white with wings is a big turn on that men love to flirt with. The outfits are always a sexy white that can be paired with white or sexy shiny suntan tights with Stilettos as the best choice of footwear. Just be sure that you will not be going out to eat in this beautiful flowing Halloween Costume, otherwise others will be able to tell what you had to eat for dinner while out and about partying. Just might want to stay away from Red white or colorful drinks in case of a spill.

Cop costume was a hit last year when i wore it to the Halloween Fetish Ball in Las Vegas. I knocked the sexy police woman outfit up by using genuine police accessories such as a leather belt, hat, patches and handcuffs. The limo bus for the pantyhose party had stopped by a liquor store and it was next to an accident scene. I quickly strolled over to the police and asked for permission to pose on their bikes for pictures, permission granted and the crowd had to be dispersed. My sexy cop costume rocked with Wolford Black Neon Glanz Tights from Europe and the feel of my pantyhose was so silky, I slept in them once back in our room!

Belly Dancer Costume is no doubt a man’s inner fantasy and one tip you must follow. If you have the body for this one, bravo girlfriend! Get the shimmery pantyhose for the outfit and learn some basic Belly Dancing to complete the look when wearing your sexy Belly Dancer costume out for parties. You might want to use heavy make up on your eyes with fake glittery eye lashes. Make sure to keep a back up pair of sexy support pantyhose and also add the biggest multi hoop ear rings for a complete and sexy fantasy outfit.

Elbeo Sheer Magic 20D Medium Support Tights

Disco Costumes with the Platform Go Go Boots and colorful shiny tights with a loud curly seductive hair style with have the men standing in line to dance your booty off girlfriend! You can slip some spandex body shapers on underneath this sexy mini dress outfit to help hide a mushroom top, otherwise any shimmery tights will do. You can never go wrong with the Disco Dance Costume while giving your legs that sexy nylon/spandex shine that men enjoy taking double takes in your chunky platforms!

Zip Front Gold Digger Romper

Flapper costumes brings us back to the retro fashion’s when women were feminine and proud to be looked upon as sex objects, such as the time of Marilyn Monroe and movie stars were movie stars! The perfect hosiery for a Flapper costume is to slip on a pair of fishnet pantyhose, then shimmery suntan pantyhose layered over them with chunky ankle strap platforms or spikes to complete the sexy look. That want you will not snag your fishnet pantyhose when you request the men to massage those nylon/spandex sexy clad legs of yours after a night of dancing!

Fabulous Fringe

Spanich Costume is one I never thought of as a Sexy Adult Halloween Costume, but it is popular enough to be in the search engine with around 10,000 hits per month, so it made it on the list. My personality would not wear it, but never the less it has an incredible sexy look and it would do the outfit justice if you have a sexy lace petticoat underneath the skirt with stay up stockings or a girdle garter belt to hold up support back seamed stockings to give your legs mystery when your skirt gives the men around you unexpectedly (wink).

Sexy Adult Devil Outfits or Costume is always a winner for those ladies that have a Bad Side or want the bad girl image, if you know what I mean. The Devil Costume is just pure sexy. You can add anything to it that says SEX! and it will just make it look that much better. We recommend Red or Shiny Suntan tights and spikes, no flat or chunky heels or you will destroy this incredibly sexy costume or ladies everywhere!

Pretty Polly Italia 30D Semi Sheer Tights

Princess Costumes for those females that want to fantasize about being a ruler over their own subjects during the day and sexy slut in bed at night for their Prince! The way to kick this outfit to the outer limits is to find a corset that supports, comfortable and can sufficiently hold your support stockings up properly. We would layer some 10-15 denier shiny suntan pantyhose underneath the garter-ed stockings. That way in case the stockings do not work out, just slip them off and you will have hosiery to compliment your legs. Have your hair done by a hair stylish with glitter and hair spray it to stay in place. False eyelashes, soft pastel makeup on your face. Be prepared for tons of pictures in this one.

Red Riding Hood Costume is kinky sexy to me, because you know there is a good chance you are going to get eaten by the end of the evening by the Wolf, eh? lol… This is an old stand bye that is always safe to go with if you are not sure. I have seen so many versions of this sexy adult costume, that you might want to take a digital picture after you put yours together and email to your friends to see what they recommend what compliments you the best.

French Maid Costumes for Halloween you have to wear once in your lifetime. There are so many positives about this sexy little number and I mean little…you will definitely want shiny suntan tights to keep from accidentally showing anything when bending over, lol… I attending a Halloween Party at the Blue Martini in Orlando, Florida in a sexy maid outfit with Victoria Secrets Shiny White pantyhose, around a 30 denier with a lace choker. Although I wore shiny white pantyhose, the best hosiery to compliment this sexy little number would be 10-15 shimmery suntan pantyhose with black back seamed stockings held up with a corset or garter belt underneath the maid costume. Use ankle strapped high heels to keep from walking out of them during the night.

Carrie D Brewski

I hoped you enjoyed covering the top ten Halloween Sexy Adult Costumes for 2009 to compliment your favorite pair(s) of hosiery on your legs! Just one last tip, be sure to stop everything and purchase everything you need for your Halloween party this year, especially the costume!

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8 Responses to “Sexy Halloween Costumes Top Ten 2009”

  1. Andi says:

    Sailor outfits seem to be hot this year too. I’ve got one where I plan to wear Danskin light toast tights and white platform Mary Janes to my parties this year.

  2. That disco costume is pretty scandalous looking, holy cow! ha 🙂

  3. Sailor costumes are always a hit. I wouldn’t wear that disco costume for Halloween, however I like the white and black striped dress at the very bottom of the post.

  4. Thanks for the great idea Halloween costumes. This is information many adults are looking for when it comes to halloween costumes. If you want ideas for more economical costumes this Halloween check out our website. Thanks and Happy Halloween

  5. RZ says:

    Here is a link to additional costume ideas on this funny new website.

  6. Karly Then says:

    Everyone loves the Halloween time of year. I wait for my party for days but it’s finished far too soon.

  7. Gentlemen says:

    Mmmm…. Pantyhose!

  8. LOL gentleman, you got a fetish?? Love halloween too

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