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Problems With Dating the Pantyhose Women Wear

Most dating pantyhose problems occur because either the two of you are not compatible or you are not communicating enough about your passion for pantyhose properly or being too obsessed with legwear on your lady . Other problems may be because the two of you just are not right for each other. Let’s say you both share a passion for pantyhose fashion, yet cannot get along…what a shame!

Dating a Pantyhose Wearing Woman

Dating a Pantyhose Wearing Woman

Dating a Woman in Pantyhose

Communication for all areas of your new blossoming relationship is the most important thing when you are dating. Most problems occur because the two of you are having difficulty expressing your feelings or you aren’t being clear about what you want. That is why we believe it is so important to share your feelings on hosiery before the both of you get too serious.

When you both communicate with each other properly it is clear to both of you if you are compatible and have the same likes and dislikes regarding pantyhose, tights and stockings.

You cannot force a pantyhose relationship if the two of you are too different or you have different goals for the relationship. Some ladies will wear hosiery for their man, but do not enjoy doing so. Let me tell you, this will not work. Eventually she will hate you for it.

It is important to communicate about what you need and want from your relationship so you both are satisfied and you are not having disagreements about things, especially your passion for pantyhose.

Another thing that can cause problems with dating someone who wears pantyhose is if the two of you are not compatible. Communicating properly will tell you if you are or not.

Compatibility can be difficult if one person in the relationship is needier than the other person. If one of the people wants their space and the other is very needy then it can make it difficult for dating.

Dating problems occur when communication skills are not up to par. You have to be comfortable with the person in panty hose you are with so you can talk to them.

Being comfortable and being able to communicate will show you how compatible the two of you are. If you don’t have these two things then you might just consider a good friendship and look for someone else that enjoys wearing sheer tights, but we both know it takes more than hosiery to have a great relationship.

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7 Responses to “Problems With Dating the Pantyhose Women Wear”

  1. Dane says:

    I tried to avoid that problem by only dating women who I knew wore pantyhose,as for the other part well sometimes we just dont have enough in common weather she wears pantyhose or not.

  2. I think that they will all say that they love pantyhose and later….

  3. WWE News says:

    Hey, Your blog looks great, I can tell how much time you have put into it. I am going to save it and will make sure to check often.

  4. Scrapebox says:

    Great article, thanks for posting this!

  5. RA says:

    Well I have to say my wife is/was totaly into, PH. And there was something about her fooling around on me while wearing. Married now and still love it. She is totally into PH, heels, showing off and whatever.

  6. RA says:

    We are totaly into showing off pantyline.

  7. Wanker says:

    I jerk off to pictures of u in pantyhoses u sexy milf damm u are hot .

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