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Pantyhose With Runs Have a Second Life

Pantyhose with runs happen whether you love them or hate them, pantyhose with runs happen in a variety of sizes and colors of hosiery that has been a staple of women’s wardrobes since the 1960’s. With so many people today thinking green, finding ways to recycle pantyhose with runs in them is easy. Just take a look around your home and you’ll be amazed at the many uses for these sexy nylon wonders. They can often be a very inexpensive fix to an aggravating problem.

Pantyhose with Runs still have a second life

Find small objects you dropped on the carpet, like earrings or a contact lens, using pantyhose with runs and your vacuum cleaner. Cut off one of the legs of those seductive pantyhose and attach it to the hose on the vacuum using a rubber band. Turn it on and gently sweep over the area where you dropped the object. The suction will pick it up but the support pantyhose act as a filter to keep it from going up into the hose. Replace your expensive chamois with a pair of Pantyhose with runs for buffing those freshly polished shoes to a high shine. The nylon pantyhose work wonders on leather shoes. Use Pantyhose with runs to store onions and keep them fresh. Place an onion into the leg of a clean pair of silky pantyhose letting it fall all the way down to the foot. Tie a knot just above it and drop a second onion in. Tie a knot above that one and repeat until the leg is full. Hang the pantyhose in a cool, dry place and when you need an onion, cut the Pantyhose with runsjust below the onion and it will drop out. Keep deer away from your garden by filling pantyhose with human hair and hanging it on the fence or on stakes around the perimeter of your garden. Deer will shy away once they get the scent of a human, but you will need to replace it every so often as it loses its smell. Tie delicate plants to garden stakes using pantyhose. The sturdy nylon won’t deteriorate if it gets wet and it will gently stretch as the stalk of the plant gets bigger providing continuous support. Cover a bug jar with the end of a pair of Pantyhose with runs and a rubber band. It’s a great way to keep those little fireflies in but allow for air to circulate as well

The life of pantyhose do not end when they get a run

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