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NFL Cheerleaders Pantyhose

Superbowl 43 and NFL Cheerleaders in those shiny support tights ROCKED the ratings lastnight. Many claimed it was one of the best superbowls to date and down both sidelines there were the shiny pantyhosed legs of the NFL Cheerleaders kicking into the air.

Superbowl 43  Brings Out the Pantyhose NFL Cheerleaders in ForceNFL Cheerleaders did a wonderful job showing their support of each team present. Incredible game and we need to request that more camera’s need to be sharing additional clips of the NFL Cheerleaders dancing in those shiny pantyhose or tights they wear, very sexy look.

First thoughts of a NFL CheerleaderWhen chatting about sports and the phrase “NFL Cheerleaders” comes up, your first thoughts are of the cheerleaders wearing pantyhose when you were in high school for us baby boomers. It is a shame these days the younger cheerleaders in most colleges do not dress out in shiny tights or pantyhose. With all the high kicks…you think it would be required just to be safe as not to show anything unexpectedly.

Thank you to the College Cheerleaders that Wear HosieryTo all the college cheerleaders that reguire pantyhose, thank you! It is so classy and professional for NFL Cheerleaders to show off those sexy legs of theirs in shiny pantyhose, so you think it goes without saying even at the colleges the girls would wear also.

NFL Cheerleaders practice in pantyhoseWhen in practice, you will also see NFL Cheerleaders in their pantyhose. Across the nation during the NFL Cheerleader tryouts, the checklist asks each of the girls to dress out in tights that match their skintone. These girls are asked to perform some incredible dance moves and acrobats, so the tights also have a benefits of keeping their muscles warm as to reduce injuries.

Football season is over and making room for NASCARNow that the Superbowl is over and NASCAR season is around the corner, you still might have a chance to catch a glimpse of a NFL Cheerleader in tights posing with the cars just like above. Best Pantyhose Review wants to say thank you to all the NFL Cheerleaders who enjoy wearing, especially in their daily routines while out in public as a pantyhose fashion statement for leg wear!

Ladies freak your man out by wearing your own sexy outfit with pantyhose, no matter what sports event he watches like the one below!

Video below the a RedSkin NFL Cheerleader dancing in those shiny tights of theirs!

11 Responses to “NFL Cheerleaders Pantyhose”

  1. Keen On Sheen says:

    The best pics in this post were the first one (even though it has wording across it)and the set after. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ones in between. Those are good, too. I guesss it’s a preference thing.

    Some great pantyhose clad legs! (The rest is rather GOOD as well.)

  2. Here, in France there’s no cheerleaders! Happily Internet and TV show us american cheerleader’s. we can appreciate their work and their pantyhosed legs!

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  6. don sanders says:

    looks good cant wait to see more

  7. Asian Fan says:

    I’m a big fan of watching the NFL cheerleaders. They look absolutely wonderful in their outfits and their pantyhose really help add to the outfits. I too think that college cheerleaders should follow suit. The USC Trojans do on occasion if not on a regular basis.

  8. Hello ! Love your blog thanks for sharing it with everyone. Support local business.

  9. Cheer Girls says:

    Thanks for sharing! An interesting take on pantyhose in the NFL

  10. The falcons will be good for the next decade with Matt Ryan and coach Smitty. Great season, bad ending. 🙂

  11. These are great pics

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