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Gossip Girl Passion for Pantyhose Fashion on How To Wear

Gossip Girl is one of the hottest shows with the ladies always wearing pantyhose on TV right now thanks to its juicy storylines, hot cast and killer hosiery fashions. Channel the undeniable coolness of this young group of fashion forward actors and you, too, can be the hippest kid in school with the right hosiery. It just takes a few key wardrobe and hosiery choices, a lot of confidence to be a leader in fashion and the ability to take some pantyhose fashion risks.

Gossip Girls Passion for Pantyhose Fashion Guide

The ladies in designer dresses, heels, hosiery with the right accessories. Dress in designer duds. The Gossip Girl stars are always seen rocking the latest designer fashions from Cecelia De Rafael, Zac Posen, Wolfords, Stella McCartney, Pretty Polly, Milly and Valentino. Especially since they live the good life on Manhattan’s swanky Upper East Side, these fashionistas can afford to fill their closets with designer dresses, sexy stilettos, silky pantyhose and accessories. Make sure to read all of the latest fashion magazines for the newest trends and information on up and coming designers. If you can’t afford these pricey pieces, make like Little J and sew knock-off versions of your favorite items. Alternatively, check out the resources section below for websites that replicate the Gossip Girl looks for less.

Best Pantyhose REview on Gossip Girls hosiery

Blair’s quirky headband. Wear quirky headgear. You may have noticed that the trendsetters on Gossip Girl are always rocking some type of unique headgear such as knit hats or embellished headbands. Blair Waldorf (the queen of the Gossip Girls) is almost always seen with a cute headband atop her head. She once even wore a turban on her head. Make it a habit to look for embellished and adorned headbands or whimsical hats next time you’re at the mall. It’s one of the ultimate accessories to get you to look like a member of the cast.

Red Wolford Satin Tights

Accessories galore. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. The Gossip Girl cast is never seen wearing just a simple t-shirt and jeans. Their outfits are always layered with jewelry, scarves, hats, pantyhose or tights, bags and coats to make the outfit look more intricate and fabulous. Don’t just wear jeans – pair it with brightly colored tights, a studded belt, bead necklaces, a patchwork scarf and cropped jacket. Accessorize a simple black dress with chunky bangles, a colorful cardigan, shiny or shimmery tights and knee-high stiletto boots. In the world of Gossip Girl, more is less.

GOssip girls know pantyhose fashion is sexy

The girls in colored tights, sexy shiny pantyhose, layered stay up stockings over pantyhose and knee socks. Wear fun colored tights and sheer knee socks layered over them, complimented by a pair of stiletto high heels. The girls on the show wear Wolford 30 denier tights or Hue support knee socks with almost every outfit. Partly to stay warm in the cold New York weather, and partly to add a touch of glamour to every ensemble. Those ladies or girls that wear pantyhose are known to have taste and money. Buy sexy sheer knee high stockings in different patterns like stripes and polka dots, and buy shiny sexy tights in cute colors like magenta and turquoise. You might not be able to spend the extra money on Wolford Pantyhose or tights, yet Levante or Hue are affordable. These simple tweaks will make even the most boring outfit fashionable and fun. Simple pair of pantyhose and heels with make your jeans Pop.

Stylist for Gossip Girls

The guys always look sharp. Always look sharp. The guys on Gossip Girl are never, ever seen looking sloppy or disheveled. They’re all extremely well put-together in tailored slacks and fitted vests. Make an effort to embrace the preppy, tailored look on a daily basis. Wear slacks instead of jeans and a crisp baby blue shirt instead of a regular t-shirt. Ditch the sneakers for a pair of leather loafers, and add a vest or tie for good measure. Accessorize with scarves, bow ties, cuff links and suspenders.

Gotta love the hosiery fashion trend from Gossip girls

Check out the beginning of this video on the Gossip girls, Red Tights under her Black Dress!

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