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Buccaneers Cheerleader Tryouts In Pantyhose

Buccaneers Cheerleader Tryouts In Pantyhose or Flesh colored tights. So if you are going to be attending the Buccaneers Cheerleader Tryouts this Fall, have your pantyhose or tights with extra pair as back up. You must possess a positive attitude with a non stop smile if you are to compete at the Buccaneers Cheerleader Tryouts in Tampe, Florida. Having the dance moves with the right look in pantyhose is only half the battle. You will be given a dance step to learn in 5 minutes, then perform it in front of the judges at the Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts in a group of four other girls.

Wear pantyhose or tights to the Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts

Some people may advise you against it, but a good way to improve your chances of making the squad at theĀ  Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts is by talking to a current cheerleader. You obviously want to talk to the cheerleader that you think is the nicest and most likely to help you, but picking a senior is also a good bet. Seniors are not only not going to be competing with you for a spot at the Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts , they also have invested 4 years and this specific squad and want to see that it’s headed in a good direction once they leave. Helping someone who’s very dedicated is a good investment in helping the team to succeed in the future and many of them will be happy to help you. They know exactly what is expected and are likely to be honest and helpful to you. And, in some squads, they have input on who makes the team or not.


While you may think cheer skills are all you need to make the Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts , they’re not. Like it or not, personal appearance matters. As a cheerleader, it is your responsibility to represent your school, and not just when you’re cheering. You need to work on looking good and keeping up your personal appearance. Not only does it help people have a better opinion of you, it will also make you feel better to know you look good. And even if you’re not the prettiest girl in the world, you can still look good. You can always look to see what the girls have on besides pantyhose or tights at the Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts are wearing, or how they do their hair and make-up. You don’t have to be a clone of them, just think of them as advisors. They’ve already got what you want, so they’re a good starting point.

Check out this Buccaneer Cheerleader Tryouts Video Below:

Actual Cheerleaders that have made it as a Buccaneer Cheerleader:

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