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Stiletto Heels n Hose

The term “high heel shoes” referrer to a variety of different shoe types, ranging from high heel boots to stiletto shoes. Typically worn by women today, high heels are often expected to be worn in any formal occasion. The heels of high heels have varying degrees of height. These range from shoes that have heels that are only a few centimeters in height to extremely aesthetic and uncomfortable shoes that raise the stiletto heel nearly half a foot higher that the bottom of the foot. There are several aesthetic benefits of wearing them for special occasions. For women who want to show off their legs, high heel stiletto shoes generally display and enlarge the view of the calves and thus shows them off, better than regular shoes.

Stiletto Hell for the  Feet, Yet so Sexy to Look at!I believe it is part of a man’s DNA all over the world, to hear when a lady has on a pair of Stiletto Spiked High Heels, don’t you think? I can be strutting down the sidewalk or Mall with the clicking of my spikes clicking as they make contact with the ground, once with in hear shock…all men turn around to take notice or maybe it is my pantyhose! Anyhow, it goes without saying that men everywhere jump up and down with joy deep in their souls when us ladies go prancing by in Stiletto pumps, boots or plaforms with hosiery on (wink)!

Stiletto heels give us ladies more power and self confidence!You would think all Stiletto high heels or boots are uncomfortable…but that is not so. First you must purchase the high end pairs, not because of cost or the name…they really do a stocking foot good! Next you should always wear hosiery of some sort, pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs and make sure your Stiletto’s have ankle straps so you do not throw one while prancing through a high traffic area, heehe! Then you have to get the right size….ladies our feet size changes as we age and the Stiletto pump manufacturers are not perfect.

My Favorite Stilleto heels are the Platform in six inchesWhy me Creator? I love wearing hosiery as a fashion statement when the trend was bare legs and now I adore stiletto six inch platforms, but men always think I am a dancer when I wear them, ugh. So I still wear pantyhose, but  more trendier with the leg wear layered over my shiny suntan pantyhose. The platforms with the stiletto spikes I save for late nights with my hubby out or on vacation where no one knows me and I do not care if they think I am a dancer, eh? Enjoy the video below of stiletto heels and pantyhose set to music.

So you want to have fun in a casual outfit, then try out your Stiletto Platforms with a pair of hot jean shorts!

You can go professional and slip on a scretaries outfit with a pair of ankle strapped Stiletto five inch spikes.

Better yet, get your Sexiest outfit that compliments your body with pantyhose and jump into your Stiletto high heels to rock your companions world while on vacation, I actually changed into sneakers and strolled the beach after this photo op…it was Bike Week, men were dying to see us ladies wearing sexy outfits…it was very much appreciated!

Share what you think about Stiletto High Heels below or your experience in the comment section, Sheers!

21 Responses to “Stiletto Heels n Hose”

  1. Really-High heels shoes and mini-skirt made the women’s legs longer and more attracting! And we love that!

  2. Marge says:

    Stilettos are fine for younger girls, but for us gals who have seen the day of high heels come and go, we leave the altitude to them. I can’t speak for everyone, but I have enough with a 3″ heel and I teeter sometimes with them on. My guy says I’d be safer wearing combat boots. But hey…there goes the excitement of the clickity-clack on a hard floor with you guys ogling and snapping your necks to get a quick look. I’ll continue to wear heels, but none that are so stratospheric that I would need a parachute for safety. This flat-footed floogie needs her feet on the ground (or close to it). I admire the girls that can actually walk in 6″ heels. I tried them once, it felt like I was on a balance beam in the olympics. No, just kidding girls..if you like to wear them fine, just be careful. Keep wearing hose, they turn more heads than you think!
    Nix the bare legs,
    Marge 🙂

  3. Rhonda says:

    I have about ten pairs of stilettos ranging from 3-6 inches that include heels and boots. I’ve been wearing (and loving) them for nearly 40 years. I love the way they look, how wicked and sexy they make me feel and the affect they have on men. I work in upper management and wearing stilettos with fishnets add to my “dragon lady” image.


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  5. Brigitte says:

    My feet have taken a beating over high heels over the years. I love high heels but am afraid I’ve had to settle for the lower 3″ heels. But if I’m going to dinner and then home, I’ll still do the stilleto.

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  8. jennifer l steffens says:


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  10. lover of tights says:

    Just love to see women in short skirts, black tights (or pantyhose as you Americans call them) and 4″ stilletos

  11. ben says:

    Trying to find the brand/source for hose that I’ve seen pictures of. Little silhouettes of hands holding up the black lines up the back of the leg. any ideas?

  12. Nikki says:

    What brand and style nylons are you wearing in the pictures?

  13. phlover4life says:

    I find it easy to pass by a woman going bare-legged, even do so quickly (yuck), easy to pass by one wearing casual pants, more difficult wearing dress slacks with pumps and nylon evident (always hoping that it’s pantyhose, and if I see her walking, can generally tell), and hot and bothered if she’s wearing a color-coordinated outfit, pumps, and pantyhose. I’m fortunate to have been going to school when the last two (and variations in-between) were commonplace, and my attendance was excellent as a result! It’s unfortunate that so many have given up this stunning advantage they had over most men.

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  15. Supra Shoes says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. So excellent. It make me feel that life is full of interesting, I must face life with smile.

  16. loveroftights says:

    I’m with phlover4life on this on. If I had the choice between two women, one who was absolutely stunning drop dead gorgeous but was always barelegged, and one who was of average looks but always wore short skirts, black tights and stilleto heels, I would pick the latter at all times.

  17. Juniper says:

    You are super glamour. A real sexy woman. So feminine and sexy. I love the pics of your heels and hose.

  18. jlo says:

    Great pictures. Nice idea.

  19. Shoe Man says:

    I have always enjoyed a woman in heels and hose. Too bad the idea of bare legs has been hijacked to the Nth degree by the self-proclaimed fashion police. I know that wearing these articles of clothing takes more effort than just throwing on a pair of flip-flops but boy it sure is worth it.
    Keep it up Sweet, Looking Good!

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