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Spiked Heels Compliment Pantyhose

Spiked Heels Compliment Pantyhose if you ask anyone, men or women! Women wear spiked heels because they not only look sexy, but it makes them feel sexy. What better way to compliment your body, by looking slimmer and taller by putting on a pair of  spiked heels with your pantyhosed outfit?
Spiked Heels are perfect footwear for Hosiery like Pantyhose

Raised heels were the precursor to spiked heels, raised heels are stated to have been a response to the problem of the rider’s foot slipping forward in stirrups while riding. The “rider’s heel,” approximately 1-1/2 inch (4 cm) high, appeared around 1500. The leading edge was canted forward to help grip the stirrup, and the trailing edge was canted forward to prevent the elongated heel from catching on underbrush or rock while backing up, such as in on-foot combat. These features are evident today in riding boots, notably cowboy boots.

The simple riding heel gave way to a more stylized heel over its first three decades. Beginning with the French, heel heights among men crept up, often becoming higher and thinner, until they were no longer useful while riding, but were relegated to “court-pony” wear. By the late 1600s men’s spiked heels were commonly between three and four inches in height.

Very sexy looking spiked heels to compliment stocking clad legsDelight-602 5 3/4 Inch Sexy High Heel Shoes Platform Spiked Heel Double Strap Slide Pleaser Black Clear

In 1533, the diminutive wife of the Duke of Orleans, Catherine de’ Medici, commissioned a cobbler to fashion her a pair of spiked heels , both for fashion, and to increase her stature. They were an adaptation of chopines (elevated wooden soles with both heel and toe raised not unlike modern platform shoes), but unlike chopines the spiked heel was higher than the toe and the “platform” was made to bend in the middle with the foot.

High-heeled shoes quickly caught on with the fashion-conscious men and women of the French court, and spread to pockets of nobility in other countries. The term “spiked heels ” became synonymous with opulent wealth. Both men and women continued wearing spiked heels as a matter of noble fashion throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. When the French Revolution drew near, in the late 1700s, the practice of wearing spiked heels fell into decline in France due to its associations with wealth and aristocracy. Throughout most of the 1800s, flat shoes and sandals were usual for both sexes, but the spiked heels resurfaced in fashion during the late 1800s, almost exclusively among women.


I already knew men enjoy seeing a female wearing pantyhose out and about in public, yet forgot just how much they love spiked heels. What better way to compliment the pantyhose on your legs, than with spiked heels? True they give foot problems, but you must take the time to purchase the right sized spiked heels…if you want to know more on this topic, click on this link here

Take the time to check out the video below on how sexy spiked heels look with pantyhose!!

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