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Sheer Pantyhose Second Thoughts by Women


Sheer Pantyhose Second Thoughts by Women

Despite men finding sheer pantyhose on women sexually attractive on their legs, there are a few more advantages. Sheer pantyhose reduce the spider veins, so they do not stand out when someone is checking out your legs. The only cure for cellulite on a women‘s legs are sheer pantyhose, no cottage cheese look once you slip those sheer support pantyhose on! Over all, even though some ladies do not care for sheer pantyhose, here are some responses below on the next page from women all over:

  • I wish I could find thigh highs that stay up. After I had one fall to my ankles while I was on the streets of NYC and I had to take it of b/c I looked like I had some weird growth on my ankle, never again.
    I wear sheer pantyhose when I’m doing something dressy. I agree it makes the legs look better. They are fine once they are on but boy do we fight!

  • I personally hate sheer pantyhose, but I will wear them for specific occasions when I must look fully finished and “dressed.” For instance, corporate meetings, weddings, funerals, interviews, so forth. (Granted, I’m a pant-girl. Nothing makes me feel more in control and professional than a great pant suit…so instead of full pantyhose I will wear knee highs or thigh highs to finish off the leg.)
    They do improve the look of the leg. For me, I always feel like they are one more level of being “dressed.”

  • LOL—I’m the total opposite of this one. I love bare legs in the summer when it’s warm and sheer pantyhose for special occassions, but otherwise I LOVE stockings. It DOES make the legs look better and I love wearing thigh highs or a garter belt with stockings with seams. I think it looks lovely, but then I love the pinup look. I do agree you don’t need to wear them all the time and now that it’s warm I won’t be wearing any, but I love the look! Back seamed stockings with shine are very sexy, just ask my boyfriend!

  • I only feel comfortable going without sheer pantyhose when I am wearing slingbacks, high heeled sandals or peep-toes. I think a court shoe without sheer pantyhose looks really unpolished. In winter I always wear black or navy pantyhose.

  • Y’know, much as I hate pantyhose, I do have to agree with him, at least pertaining to my legs image, they do look much better when I wear sheer pantyhose.

    Thank goodness Dommy got me hooked on the thigh-highs, as least those are breezy and comfortable image


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