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Leg Warmers Are Back!

Leg warmers started their existence as workout accessories for professional dancers. They were used to keep the dancer’s leg muscles warm for their training routines. In the early 80’s a hit movie called Flashdance brought them into the mainstream as a sexy fashion accessory. All of a sudden legwarmers could be seen in all walks of life being worn by women everywhere. They came in many styles and colors as well as different sizes and made of many different materials. By the late 1980s the leg warmers fad began to fade away into the land of past fashion trends.



Leggings started their life centuries ago and they have been worn by both men and women. Worldwide, they were worn to keep legs warm as they had a tight fit and usually made of leather. In modern times leggings have a similar history to leg warmers in the way that dancers started the fashion trend and movies like Flashdance put them into the fashion scene. They were not heavy leather any more but made of light materials like spandex. Their popularity peaked in the late 1980s and they faded away to a lesser extent than leg warmers in the early 1990s.


Like all great fashion trends, leg warmers and leggings leg warmers and leggings are coming back and they are sexier than ever! Internet searches for leg warmers and leggings are picking up at an amazing pace and they can be seen being worn by women all over again! Websites such as feature the latest styles at very reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a special gift for someone or would like the sexy look and feel that leg warmers and leggings can give you then try some today!



Enjoy the Video we added on below on leg warmers

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Fern Helms has been in the dance business for 25 years and has recently launched her new website She lives in the San Diego area and she has made dancing accessories a mainstay in her life.

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