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Hooters Hose Peavey

Don’t you love the Hooters Hose that shine so much, the Peavey Pantyhose are excellent! Actually the Hooters Hose are the Tamara Hosiery now and you can only find Winghouse girls wearing the Peavey which I feel are far more shiny and silky when you wear them! Hooters Hose will always be a favorite of mine no matter what kind they wear, for being the first sports bar to stick with pantyhose on their girls!

Hooters Girls are sexy in pantyhoseHooters Hose are so shiny and sexy when the Hooters Girls have no idea how sensual men find them in those silky nylon heavenly material on their legs! I have been known to tip $20 when I have the Hooters Hose waitress in shiny pantyhose before she even waits on me! Purchase your uniform on ebay and Peavey pantyhose then wait on your man during the weekend for the sporting events and wait for your fantasy to come true!

6 Responses to “Hooters Hose Peavey”

  1. juaninmiami69 says:

    I love this article and I love Hooters all that much more!

  2. Those pantyhose are so shiny… where are my sunglasses

  3. John says:

    I don’t go to Hooters for the wings, I go for the thighs.

  4. […] reminisce. The best looking hosiery that gets a lot of attention and perfect for pictures are the Hooters Hose Peavey. panty hose […]

  5. mark says:

    Great Pics!

  6. Erick says:

    Great article here. Glad to see ya’ll spreading the good word about just how much a great pair of alluring Pantyhose really jump-start any outfit (and most Men’s hearts!) 🙂

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