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FALKE Shelina Hipster Pantyhose


Perfect Sheer Pantyhose for HOT WEATHER

Ultra Transparent Pantyhose

12 Denier Appearance
Slight Shimmer
Sheer Toe
Sheer to Waist
Cotton Gusset

Fabric Content: 

96% Polymide
3% Elastane
1% Cotton

Review: I hated wearing pantyhose that binded way too high up on my waist, that I almost went to stockings or nylons. Have you every wore hosiery that the nylon/spandex was so tight on your legs, it literally pinched the toes in your high heels and on top of that, would bake you like a potato in the middle of summertime? Check out these lovely “Lingerie for the leg” Ultra Transparent Pantyhose here and I know after wearing a pair out, you will know they are the Perfect Sheer Pantyhose for HOT WEATHER. I was close to giving up on hose, until I found these incredible perfect sheer pantyhose for HOT summer weather! These hose are a 12 denier, which means you will occasionally forget that you have sheer pantyhose on your legs, until you run your fingers across them with their sexy silky feel. It is hard to tell you actually have sheer hosiery on in direct sunlight, except for an occasional shimmer when the light strikes the pantyhose just right. Yet in the office you will get a lot of looks from the men with the shine the hose give off under the overhead lighting. They have the most comfortable waist band that can hang low on your waist for hip hugger’ s and yes, I have worn them with my short jean shorts and you will not see the waistband guaranteed. Plus these pantyhose being sheer to waist, no one will ever see a control top panel sneaking out below your mini or shorts (wink)!

I have to tell you that after wearing these European hosiery, I have grown to enjoy wearing them with everything. They are make up for the legs and it only takes 10 seconds to change your look. Well, let me share a story with you, so you know why I love these Falke Shelina Hipster Pantyhose so much for HOT summer weather. I attended the SARS concert in Toronto with my girlfriends in the middle of summer, we are talking heat strokes there in the crowd. Although I was indeed hot enough to look for shade, my pantyhose never bothered me in anyway …but they got a lot of attention from the men and compliments from the ladies thinking I had baby oil on my legs. I had to tell the ladies my secret after their compliments, each of them smiled after they found out I had hose on and wanted to know how to get them! I know pantyhose are not the fashion statement right now, but you will shine like a new penny in them. Men really do love checking a woman out in hose, yet are afraid to share it with anyone for the fear of being called weird. I say capitalize on it and reap the rewards from showing off those hosiery clad legs, I hoped this helped! Falke Shelina Hipster’s are the Perfect Sheer Pantyhose for HOT WEATHER .

Alternate images of the Falke Pantyhose under a pair of low hipster jean shorts:

3 Responses to “FALKE Shelina Hipster Pantyhose”

  1. Jon says:

    These are truly fantastic. They are just supportive enough and have a wonderful feel. You don’t want to rip them off at the end of the day! These hose have a wonderful luster, are wonderfully soft and smooth to touch. They make you feel special and are durable so they are great for everyday wear. I guy can’t ask for anything more!

  2. andrew says:

    fucking hot hot hot, what more can i say

  3. Anonymous says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the fantastic work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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