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Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Are Back

Cheerleaders in pantyhose learn of the benefits of them as a turn on for males is some cases. ‘Tis the season for cheerleaders in pantyhose!  What does that mean?  Yes, football season has arrived!  It is no secret that with football season, lots of sexy cheerleaders in pantyhose will be showing their perfect legs on the sidelines!

Cheerleaders learn pantyhose are sexy to wear regularly

Cheerleaders learn pantyhose are sexy to wear regularly

When I think of cheerleaders the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders is what comes to my mind!  Did you realize that their uniform not only consists of a cute and sexy top, skirt, white boots but also PANTYHOSE!  Coming from a woman who believes pantyhose complete an outfit, this was not surprising to hear.  What is surprising for some to hear is the reasons why dance tights are part of a professional cheerleaders uniform. Aside from the obvious “finished look” pantyhose give any outfit, oh and keep your legs warm in cool weather,  there is the leg support aspect as well.  Yes, leg support!  Dare I say most men think of cheerleaders as “Eye Candy” and although this is no arguing that fact, they are also VERY athletic too!  Have you ever seen what they are required to do to even have a chance to try out?

Cheerleaders in pantyhose are many males fantasy

Cheerleaders in pantyhose are many males fantasy

Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Have The Best Legs When Older

Good Support for your legs can best be achieved by good support pantyhose.  That is just another reason cheerleaders wear quality support legwear.  Although there may be other products that offer great leg support,  pantyhose offer support without taking away from the beautiful look of a woman’s leg.  As a matter of fact a good pair of pantyhose will enhance the look of any woman’s legs.  Pantyhose accentuate the beauty of a toned and well defined leg and can hide little imperfections as well.  You don’t have to be a professional cheerleader in pantyhose to look sexy!  I believe there where some cheerleader squads who tried the “spray-on” pantyhose and I don’t think they got the same “finished looked” as those professional cheerleaders in pantyhose.

Some Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Wear In Public Regularly

Some Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Wear In Public Regularly

Some other great features of sheer pantyhose is the large range of colors, style, texture, thickness also known as denier that you can purchase. Discussing these is an article in itself, lol!  Basically,  there is a style for everyone.  Whether you are young or mature the fall season is a perfect time to experiment with the world of hosiery. If your choice is a an opaque black tights or a pair of shiny hosiery treat yourself or lady this season!

Cheerleader in Pantyhose Video

9 Responses to “Cheerleaders in Pantyhose Are Back”

  1. Rene Parajon says:

    Other that actual football, there’s nothing better in life than a gorgeous cheerleader in pantyhose.

  2. prettypolly says:

    Ooh glossy pantyhose, i love it

  3. Wonderful to see young girls enjoying the pleasures of pantyhose–knowing how hot it makes a guy–who wears pantyhose 24/7!

  4. WHAT a huge panty the cheerleader Jana wear, thought, they would wear thongs under their short skirts.

  5. Carlos says:

    I know the New York Jets Flight Crew wear their pantyhose with their uniform and white boots. I have a photo of the NYJFC with me, I’ll send it over later on.

  6. Shahkrawz says:

    Save the Cheerleader…Save the world! Enough said.

  7. Robert says:

    I Love the way Cheerleaders look in Pantyhose,I think it makes them look sexy out on the field.

  8. Sibohan says:

    It is great to see how pantyhose are making a comeback albeit a slow comeback. There are so many different styles, shades, manufacturers, etc… The world of pantyhose has greatly expanded over the last 10 years or so. We ladies don’t have to go to the drugstore to buy low quality pantyhose anymore.

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