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Blog Carnival for April at Best Pantyhose Review

Little late today posting our first “Blog Carnival for April” at Best Pantyhose Review. Very busy day planning a pantyhose party next week at the Leesburg Bike Fest, so here we go. Please take the time to ready each submission from each Blog we invited to post here. They were invited for a reason and have something of value to our members here at our Blog Carnival. So enjoy, read, and comment…also take the time to go look their blogs over, you just might want to subscribe to their RSS Full Feed.

Blog Carnival for April here on Best Pantyhose ReviewOnce you read each article here on our Blog Carnival, please post your comments below, thank you! Just click on the Title of the article to visit their Blogs!

Top 10 Best Shoe Brands

Posted by: TheFashionGuru on: April 7, 2009

By Chanél, TFG Blogger/Writer

As you know, The Fashion Guru blog is known for their top 10 lists. So in honor of the shoe, I thought I’d make my list of the “Top 10 Best Shoe Brands”. Any of these shoes you can find at their web site (under the same brand name) or at So kick back, relax, and find a comfy pair for your feet!

1. Keds: From their classic sneakers to trendy ballet flats, Keds has made a mark in the shoe industry. And with having beautiful celebrity models such as Mischa Barton, how could you not resist wanting a pair?

2. Skechers: I loved them ever since the Spice Girls and Britney Spears were wearing their infamous platform sneakers. (I even had a pair.) Now, I’m addicted to their maryjane and sandal lines. No matter how stylish they are, they remain just as comfortable.

3. Saucony: Even though I haven’t worn these shoes for years, they still hold a place in my heart. These colorful sneakers will brighten up your outfit and day.

4. Cheeks: Forget those uber-expensive sandals and sneakers that claim to tone your calves. Cheeks by Tony Little are not only cute and affordable, but they give you great posture as well! Who wouldn’t want that?

5. Birkenstock: Another great sandal that is super comfortable. They no longer just come in the Hippie/Jesus version. With so many styles to choose from, how can you resist?

6. A.J. Valenci: Not only are they trendy, but these shoes are comfy. You’ll be wearing them, not the other way around. Trust me; they’ve been around for YEARS.

7. Aerosoles: This is another stylish brand that has comfort on their mind. Their array of shoes will take you from the office to a night out on the town.

8. Clark’s: I know I sound like a broken record by now, but this comfortable line has everything from sneakers to dress shoes to sandals. But I have a few words for them: Please bring back the old Springer sandal!

9. Converse: The punk rocker in me had to add Converse the list. And with their clothing line sold exclusively at Target, how can I not praise them? Even if you don’t like high-top sneakers, they will have a style for you that’s just as hardcore.

10. Reebok: Known for their British emblem, Reebok made themselves a household name with their street style sneakers. They were even one of the first brands to come out with high-tops. No other brand screams, “Cool” like they do.

Best Pantyhose Review: Excellent Blog on interesting fashion revelations on items I would normally overlook, but have made me start to notice that the little things make a BIG difference!

Nikki Hilton in pantyhose

Since Paris Hilton has had her own post before, (click here to see) it is now time to feature her sister Nikki with her own section. This blog is primarly a photographic Blog on celebrities who wear hosiery regularly.

Best Pantyhose Review: Excellent high quality pictures of celebs in pantyhose or stockings, yet it would be great if there was written content present to know more about the rest of the story regarding the images.

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Pantyhose

by: Chrissy Stewart

1) Look good – most of us are not models. Out skin tone is uneven. We have marks, bruises, bumps, scrapes, scars, nicks, veins, pimples, wrinkles, sags, tan lines and a variety of other unsightly things all over our bodies. These do not look good. When they are on our face, we spend a lot of time and money covering them up. When we have a good option to make your legs look so much better, why not do it. Not everyone is going to want the black hose look, but there are so many options out there where the hose seem so transparent, yet give off a nice even shine. The only way to tell you are wearing hose is to get right up there. Have you seen pictures of Rhianna’s legs? They look great. When she first came on the scene I was not too sure if she was a hose wearer or not. As it turns out that is her little secret for having great looking legs. Pantyhose look good.
2) Feel good – you have just shaved your legs and are putting one a pair of silky pantyhose. That feels nice sliding them up your legs you have to admit that. If you are wearing a size too small, it is going to get uncomfortable after a while. There is a simple answer to that, wear the correct size. Many of us women are always going down a size in the entire wardrobe. Nothing is ever going to be comfortable that way. If they are itching and scratching, change brands. There are a lot of brands that have different materials. Try some better brands. They do not itch.
3) Health – The compression improves circulation and leg health. We do not have to start wearing support hose all the time, but that is the reason many people wear them full time. There are studies on athletes not saying that exercise with the compression improves performance and recovery time. Most of the athletes are not wearing pantyhose but wearing athletic tights made specifically for that. We cannot overlook that both compress some.
4) Men Like Them – I get a lot more attention from men if I am wearing a pair of pantyhose with a nice skirt and heels than when I go bare legged. Many men like the look. It is beyond me to get into their heads and determine why this is the case, I just know it to be true. Part of the reason may be there are so few of us women wearing pantyhose that the ones that do really stand out.
5) Fashion options – I want as many options as possible when I am putting together an outfit. With the different colors, patterns, shine and sheerness every pair of pantyhose I own just expands my wardrobe. More bang with my fashion buck this way.
Ladies, there is the top five. Hopefully a couple of you will now go order some pantyhose.

Best Pantyhose Review: Excellent well written blog, just need pictures or video’s to accompany the articles and it would ROCK!

Some of Us Ex-Hooters Girls Never Get Over Wearing Pantyhose

Wearing pantyhose has become a way of life after leaving Hooters sometime back. Girls go to work at Hooters without giving wearing pantyhose every shift much thought. Some even swear not to ever wear pantyhose again once they move on after college. Yet there are some of us Ex-Hooters Girls that actually get treated to the high end hosiery that feels great and start wearing pantyhose regularly after we start our careers.

I never thought I would be wearing pantyhose regularly when I was younger and heard other girls say how much they bind, sag and just uncomfortable. Yet I know for a fact, once I got exposed to the European hosiery by my boyfriend who loved to see me in pantyhose … maybe that is why he still loves to go to Hooters to this day, eh? Well, it turns out I hate pantyhose, cheap pantyhose….I have been spoiled to the nice pantyhose like: Wolford’s, Charnos, Levante, Pretty Polly and the new Hudson’s! Treat yourself to the higher end pantyhose and I know you will begin wearing pantyhose regularly. The benefits are far too numerous health wise and a majority of men are sexually attracted to us ladies wearing pantyhose.

Best Pantyhose Review: Great blog on the Hooter Girls who started it all for wearing pantyhose with their uniforms, although not consistent on postings…need more regulary postings!

That is it for April, please feel free to give your comment on how this Blog Carnival went and what we can do to make it better, remember be easy on me…I do not want to get a run in my pantyhose tonight. I hope to make it better next month!

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