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Wet Look Leggings On Rihanna

Wet look leggings are so popular with the celebrities and last week in New York City Rihanna was sporting hers with a pair of five inch Stiletto’s for a look to kill and take names later. Looks like Umbrella diva Rihanna is just like the rest of us when it comes to our favorite item of clothing – she wears hers with pretty much everything.

Wet look leggings

Wet look leggings

Wet Look Leggings Just Plain Sexy

For the R&B singer, it’s her wet look leggings  – she has been spotted out and about in New York over the past week or so sporting them with oversized blazers, Victoriana-style frilly blouses and floaty chiffon shirts, proving that they are as versatile as they are good looking.

Wet look leggings are so sexy

Wet look leggings are so sexy

Interestingly, given the ’80s renaissance that’s going on at the moment, Rihanna also seems to be modelling her hair on Grace Brown – pics in the papers show her looking a good three inches taller thanks to her bouffant new do! Lindsay Lohan’s new hosiery company started selling leggings that included the wet look and now has just added pantyhose with stockings to her hosiery empire. The ladies who stop being followers and become trend setters with pantyhose and leggings are the ones men notice the most. Legs are so much more attractive when you add hosiery and heels to the mix.

Many celebrities own wet look leggings and Lady GaGa is another pop star who’s loving her leggings – she told the Mirror’s Celebs on Sunday that she has worn them to death.

She enthused: “I’ve got so many pairs of leggings, though – wet look, leopard skin, patterned, fur, spotted…” Riahanna is one of the pop stars like Tina Turner, Beyonce and recently Lady GaGa that also wear not just leggings, but have their picture taken regularly in public wearing all types of hosiery starting with shimmery pantyhose. Stay up stockings and knee highs layered over very sheer pantyhose have also been spotted, is LA the only place where hosiery is the fashion trend?

The only flaw I see with leggings is the bare ankle in a pair of open toed high heeled sandals usually. Personally I always wear a shimmery sheer suntan light support around a 10 denier layered underneath my leggings and feel it would definitely compliment the Wet Look Leggings.

8 Responses to “Wet Look Leggings On Rihanna”

  1. I posted the wet look leggings on my blog. They look great!

  2. Shoe Home says:

    Shoe Home…

    […] For the R&B singer, its her wet look leggings – she has been spotted out and about in New York over the past week or so sporting them with oversized blazers, Victoriana-style frilly blouses and floaty chiffon shirts, proving that they … […]…

  3. Fiona says:

    So many different looks – a new era for stockings!

  4. John says:

    Girls in the UK are always in hose now – it’s terrific, men here have been starved for years of much nylon glamour to feast our eyes upon.

    Oh and girls here are even snubbing the so-called fashion no-no of wearing hose with sandals too which is even better. A leggy girl with hose on and a strappy pair of open-toed highheels can have many men walking into lampposts and/or tripping over their tongues, so more power to those girls who break from the sheep-mentality and want to show some class and look like ladies again …

  5. pgreason says:

    Rihanna makes almost anything look good. But I think she has great legs and looks super in wet look leggings, glossy pantyhose, and net over glossy tights.

  6. lodaz says:

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  7. I love Rhianna in the wet look shinny legging. Her hairstyles are not bad either. In here case she has stunning eyes that brim with mischief she flaunt’s them with bangs.

  8. Amazing Dude, that’s extremely helpful info, thankyou.

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