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Lady GaGa just dance, just not too much!

EXHAUSTED LADY GAGA has been given a month off after her nearly collapsing in Atlanta, Ga. last month. The 23 year old Pop Sensation who takes a stand in pantyhose fashion says it is not about the pop charts, but the art and style of your music with pantyhose fashion that will changes lives in a positive way! The last month appearing on Jay Leno stage in a G-string with pantyhose and top was eye catching.

Lady GaGa we wish you a quick recovery

Lady GaGa we wish you a quick recovery

Since her unimpressive appearance on the MTV awards last year, Lady GaGa, real name Stefani Germanotta, has been focused working and tweaking her on stage performances non stop. Lady GaGa stated her performance last year was like an old boyfriend and will not be seen again, after the announcement that she has been invited back to perform again this year!

Her video’s have demonstrated her work ethic and commitment to be the best in whatever she does, it just happens to be singing. Lady GaGa enjoys picking out the hosiery she wears everyday and ignores what is said about her in the papers. She states it is about her love of hosiery fashion, which is hers alone, and passion for creating the art of music to a new lever of Pop! The tracklist for her album called, The Fame, definitely sounds incredible.

Lady GaGa Get Well Soon!

Since her appearance last year at the MTV Awards, Lady GaGa has put together a schedule that a workaholic would pass out after looking at. Her commitment had become out of balance, due to her love of music and wanting her on stage performances to be second to none.

August you will not see Lady GaGa the hosiery spokesperson out performing, but rather getting the rest she needs and refocusing her energy more on herself! We here at Best Pantyhose Review wish her a speedy recovery and to make it a priority to keep her professional life more in balance.

Lady GaGa who has hit the top of our charts with Just Dance and Poker Face, last month and she complained that she wasn’t due any time off soon. Recently she stated that she isn’t allowed a holiday until 2010, till the Atlanta, Ga. performance!

We look forward to her return perfomances like the one in London where Lady Gaga left little to the imagination after going braless in a see-through nylon spandex bodystocking London’s Bungalow 8 club was used for shooting the new video Paparazzi. Lady Gaga did place black tape over the nipples of each breast under she sexy shiny transparent black bodystocking, paired wtih transparent neon heels and Sunglasses!

Enjoy the Lady Gaga Just Dance video  below:

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  3. Erik says:

    Love her smooth Pantyhose style! She knows Fashion / she knows Sexy.

  4. lexxy says:

    I agree, finally someone to bring pantyhose back in the lime light! Viva pantyhose!

  5. Sue says:

    I love lady gaga and i care bout her… I hope she’ll britanny murphy’s like as a lesson… too much work and stress is really dangerous…

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