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Celebrity Pantyhose Spotlight on Anjulie Persaud

Anjulie Persaud is banging in her tights, pantyhose or leggings when performing! The Canadian singer-songwriter, who admits wearing hosiery and leg wear regularly, at age 25 recalls her first break.


Anjulie Persaud Celebrity Pantyhose Icon

If you know the life of an intern at a radio station or recording studio, which Anjulie was at, it is very unforgiving and difficult. Yet because of Anjulie love of music, she signed up for a high-school internship at a Toronto recording studio.


One day she realized that former Philosopher King Jon Levine who walked through the door was a big-time producer.

The opportunity presented itself to have lunch with him after sharing her love of music and songwriting. Following her gut instinct, she left with him for lunch and ended up getting fired.

That lunch date blossomed into a long-term friendship and on Aug. 4, Anjulie’s self-titled album-the majority of which was co-produced and co-written with Levine – comes out both on Universal Music and Hear Music, the record label for coffee chain Starbucks.


We have some live video taken of Anjulie Persaud on stage in wet looking leggings, very sexy and compliment her legs tremendously, performing her first single from the album, the slinky, gritty “Boom,”.  The song appeared in june 2009 on MTV and Kanye West loved her video online so much, she blogged it out to everyone…which has aided Anjulie Persaud to begin taking the shortcut to stardom.

Anjulie says the wearing pantyhose or tights is just second nature from being Canadian, we all wear black tights during the winter time to keep our legs warm while making our legs sexy. Yet I really do not think legwear will be in the picture, like Lady Ga Ga, in future interviews for my song writing and singing, but thank you for taking notice of my legs, eh?

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8 Responses to “Celebrity Pantyhose Spotlight on Anjulie Persaud”

  1. Danny says:

    Love the sexy pics baby

  2. guymanfellow says:

    Hot! Love the pink tights!

  3. Amy says:

    I love to see wearing pantyhose or leggings when performing. Thank you for your post.

  4. OH my. I have to go with the pink ones. Most def the pink ones.

  5. OMG! says:

    very clever way to do it.

  6. douggie says:

    A woman wearing pantyhose is so sexy!! And Anjulie surely adds fuel to that fire!!

  7. Tiago says:

    Actually, Anjulie is sexy in anything, the pantyhose just makes her ALOT more sexy.

  8. Please don’t make me choose which panty hose to wear. If I had to choose it would fo sho be the pink. Fo sho

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