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Best Pantyhose Review is a must for all the ladies out there that enjoy spoiling themselves, by regularly wearing fine hosiery. Our members are confident 35-44 year old mom’s with some college that hold professional positions or their own business. You will find exciting new sexy hosiery reviews that fit your personal needs.

I am not talking about the cheap everyday pantyhose your grandmother grew up with, but the sexy new innovative hose presently on the market, that actually feel great to wear all day and possess so many benefits for a womans legs, that they cannot be ignored!

We will regularly add market reviews on hosiery to give you some insight before ever purchasing a style or brand. This way you can get what you pay for and not be disappointed in the product. Please take the time to leave a comment or post on any of the items we review, it will be greatly appreciated!

16 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Laura says:

    How are you? I would love to know if you would be interested in reviewing We Love Colors products. Also we are coming out with 5 new colors. If you have not reviewed us already, I would love to send you some samples. Thank You very much!

  2. darren says:

    Hi please check out marks and spencer uk they have a fantastic range of pantyhose their ladder resist sheer to waist are the best they come in black barely black natural tan and nude they ause a japanese fabric which is fantastic nothing like you have worn before sizes from small to x-large please google the to find their web page they do international orders so try them.

  3. billy says:

    I would like to see you all do some reviews on pantyhose styles and colors that would be good for men, and brands that are also good for men to wear Thanks.

  4. Igor says:

    Could you be so pleased to mention also men in your short about-article.
    You have also articles about men’s hosiery. And I agree with Billy: why not to review pantyhose that would be nice for men. Because in some places and countries men’s pantyhose are not sold on streets. But regular women’s are so good!
    I’m a normal married man who wear pantyhose. And my wive also adore them.

  5. A great weblog about pantyhose.

  6. Reef Sandals says:

    Cheers for this blog post. I’ve actually been searching for some new sandals and this article has helped me to decide what sandals to buy!

  7. Deidre Nylonsl says:

    I live to wear pantyhose!!!!!!


  8. Gini MacRae says:

    LOVE your site! LOVE Pretty Polly Sun Oil Sheen Tights AND Aristoc 10D Sheers!

  9. darren says:

    Sweet im wearing my sheer to waist tan tights for you,and praying that you get through this ,you have the nylon gene like me sweet dreams xx

  10. Nylontease says:

    Thanks for this really great pantyhose mecca x

  11. dan f says:

    please could you tell me how to get a password for pantyhose fashion pictures? site says i subscribed,seems like i can’t access anything on the site.I hit contact us tab and get no where?.

  12. admin says:


    There you go Dan, the password…enjoy!

  13. darlynn says:

    could you tell me how to get a password also for the pantyhose fashion pictures thanks

  14. dan says:

    thx adminastration 4 the password i will enjoy. by the way u have one hell of a pair of sexy legs. they look great in pantyhose. I love to wear pantyhose.I cant get enough of them. Like to find a girl also into pantyhose. and thank god 4 this site

  15. bill says:

    how can I get a password to enjoy your pictures ? Thanks Bill

  16. clea says:

    hi i’m clea trangenderwoman and i enjoy to visit
    your site cause i love pantyhoses and stockings
    very much….when im wear them i feel myslef comfortable en very feminine…..i love the feeling of stockings and pantyhoses…sorry for my bad english……love clea xxxxxx

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