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Archive for January, 2010

Pantyhose For Men Article Has Legs?

Pantyhose For Men article has legs and is strutting into the USA in fashion legwear, just check out the comments on the article we have a trackback to! Did you know 65% of pantyhose purchased in the USA is by men?


Pretty Polly Tights Just For You

Pretty Polly might be a phrase you are use to hearing if you own a Parakeet, yet we are talking about the name of one of the largest European Hosiery companies today in this article. One of the best brand of pantyhose available are Pretty Polly. Why, you ask….for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look and see if you may want to experience a pair.


Footless Tights and Todays Fashion

Footless tights are really beginning to show up regularly after Lindsay Lohan showcased them a year ago with her new hosiery store. Fashion truly does go full circle and if we are lucky we get to experience certain styles more than once. To be specific, footless tights. I’m sure I’ve worn them at least once before, lol!!!