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Archive for August, 2009

Compression Stockings Are Sexy

Compression stockings are so much more sexier than when they were firs used for medical reasons. Hosiery companies have finally figures out to get market share of the compression stockings and pantyhose market, you must design hosiery that people will want to wear.


Hosiery Products Treasures You May Find in the Hosiery Department

Hosiery Products do not resemble the pantyhose ladies wore in the 70’s, the exciting new designs, comfort and sexy colors of today ROCK! We are not talking about the cheap brands, mind you the expensive ones last so much longer that they are cheaper per wearing. Are you interested in buying new innovative Hosiery products you see in the latest fashion or celebrity magazines or Hosiery supplies? If you are, your first thought may be to head down to your local Hosiery department and start shopping. While this is more than possible to do, you may want to think about taking the time to first decide what you want or what you need to buy. This will lessen the chances of you spending more money than you have or more money than you wanted to spend.There are so many choices this day and time, you can end up in the hundreds very quickly when it comes to pantyhose, stockings, leggings and knee highs.


Celebrity Pantyhose Spotlight on Anjulie Persaud

Anjulie Persaud is banging in her tights, pantyhose or leggings when performing! The Canadian singer-songwriter, who admits wearing hosiery and leg wear regularly, at age 25 recalls her first break.