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Archive for July, 2009

Have a Sexy Lingerie and Pantyhose Party

Pantyhose Party we firmly believe it should be called instead of a lingerie party, so when you have yours…just call it a Lingerie and Pantyhose Party! A huge trend among teenagers and youthful adults right at the moment is themed parties. There is an endless inventory of different themes associates apply to their parties, ranging from neon, 80’s, and jungle apparel themed parties to lingerie parties. Lingerie is a particularly common theme because for guys, it’s uncomplicated (boxers or a robe are the most common attire) and for ladies, they can dress as sexy as they want in any type of hosiery that makes them feel sexy. Generally, lingerie parties take place at a house party, but now and then clubs or bars have “lingerie nights” where ladies are encouraged to wear sexy lingerie and any type of hosiery: Shiny pantyhose, opaque tights, stay up stockings, body stockings, knee highs layered over pantyhose, fishnets layered over sheer hose, etc.


Wear Sexy Mini Skirts to the Clubs

Mini skirts are simply women’s clothing, right? Not really as mini skirts are among the sexiest garments a woman wears and they are perfect for the Clubs. Wearing a mini skirt is pretty simple as they go with just about everything and that might help account for their popularity. To some extent the ongoing desire for mini skirts is their simplicity and sex appeal. Few will deny that suggesting she wear a mini skirt is just like saying wear that sexy skirt that happens to rest on your upper thighs. Since the 1960’s women have been wearing mini skirts and later on micro mini skirts have seen some popularity as well. Separates like a skirt and top, skirt and sweater and the like have grown in popularity as they allow women to mix and match garments that extends their wardrobe and that is always a good thing. Mini skirts come in so many fabrics that it is hard to imagine being unable to find something to go with your newest mini skirt.


Which Celebs Wear Pantyhose With High Heels

Pantyhose with high heels might not be the fashion accessories of choice where you live, yet Celebs keep popping up in them daily! We noticed three years ago pantyhose with high heels was being worn by a few high profile celebs, especially Lindsay Lohan who was HOT at the time in the tabloids. Do you know which celebs wear pantyhose with high heels, stilettos or platforms? Then post in the comment section below!