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Archive for December, 2008

Thong Bikini With Pantyhose for New Year

Thong Bikini With Pantyhose for New Year at sunrise for Sweet from SweetnPantyhose, the Premier online pantyhose website for exposing tasteful pantyhose fashion in public through pictures to open minded ladies everywhere! This is one website regarding pantyhose fashion and sometimes thong bikini’s at the same time and together as an example you can wear […]


Pantyhose With Jean Shorts New Fashion Trend

Katie Holmes in Pantyhose With Jean Shorts comes out of her New York City Apartment December 28, 2009! Although pantyhose with jean shorts have been spotted on many other celebrities this year. We recommend wearing high heels or spiked boots to compliment your jean shorts with pantyhose in any shade or color, when showing off […]


Tina Fey Celebrity Best Pantyhose Spotlight

Time magazine crowned, Tina Fey, Goddess of the Geeks and now she is on Celebrity Best Pantyhose Spotlight here at Best Pantyhose! Recently Tine Fey won when it came to being sexy when put up against Sarah Silverman. No wonder with Tina Fey who enjoys wearing hosiery regularly, pantyhose, fishnets and stockings!