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Archive for May, 2008

Seamless Pantyhose Machine

 Seamless Pantyhose Machine new by KARL MAYER Although machines that make seamless pantyhose are not a new invention, this new machine that makes seamless pantyhose offers reliable performance for a relatively low cost and carries the quality since it is manufactured by the KARL MAYER. The compact DJ 4/2 only requires a small workforce to supervise and maintain it, which makes it […]


Pantyhose Sales Decline from Global Warming?

Pantyhose Sales Decline from Global Warming? Very challenging article on Pantyhose Sales that the blog “Funny Business” has brought to light with high quality content, excellent through out, so take the time to check them out. Best Pantyhose Review feels that Pantyhose Sales has been on a decline for the past decade and like all […]


No Nonsense Celebrates 35th Anniversary

No Nonsense Celebrates 35th Anniversary as of 2008 95% of American women will recognize the name No nonsense when it comes to inexpensive pantyhose. Can you believe 31 million wear the No nonsense hosiery?  As No Nonsense Celebrates 35th Anniversary, it recently climbed to the #8 ranking on WWD’s Top 100 list of brands most recognized by female […]