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Bare Necessities

Archive for March, 2008

Best Pantyhose

Do you know what are the best pantyhose for you? Are you guilty of purchasing the same hosiery just because? If you are going to wear hosiery, then why not slide into something that you actually enjoy feeling against your skin. The only way to find the best pantyhose is to start experimenting and finding […]


Sheer to waist hosiery

Did you know there are invisible control top shiny pantyhose that look just like sheer to waist hosiery?  Any lady that wears pantyhose, loves the look of  sheer to waist hosiery but needs that little smoothness, these are exactly what you want.  If your mini skirt is really short or you have short shorts on and […]


Awesome legs for under $20

As a female we want the perfect face, awesome legs with cute feet, eh? Billions are spent every year on cosmetics to make our eyes striking when you look at us, yet we have forsaken one of the additional things that makes us ladies sexy…our legs! I disagree when a female slides into a sexy […]