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Sexy Pantyhose Sheer To Waist Coming Back?

Pantyhose sheer to waist is a wondrous accessory for ladies, that we like to call lingerie for the legs! Some females curse them openly, yet there is an underground tsunami of support for Pantyhose sheer to waist fashion today in the way of leggings, tights, footless hosiery and now the famous Body Shaper’s called Spanx!

Sheer To Waist Pantyhose

Let’s take a look at  a majority of men today on how they view and feel about Pantyhose sheer to waist when it comes to the appearance, the feel when they touch a female wearing Pantyhose sheer to waist and the sound of nylon/spandex swishing while strutting your stuff. This article is dedicated to my late wife in the picture above that shared my passion for pantyhose fashion.

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Tights Under My Jean Shorts, Really?

Tights under my jean shorts is something I have been doing ever since I was a teenager in Ontario, Canada. Pantyhose, Thigh Highs, Stay ups, Leggings, Footless pantyhose, Support hosiery…it doesn’t matter what type, tights under my jean shorts have a sexy unique look!
tights under my jean shorts
Ok, at least I thought I was the only blessed one getting all the attention from the men when I wore my tights under my jean shorts, but now I see females regularly wearing black or another shade to compliment their jean shorts! The most sexiest pair of Shiny black tights I have found for my jean shorts are the Aristoc Liquid Shine Tights and not only do they feel great on your legs, but are durable enough you do not have to replace them every time you turn around and bump into something!

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Sexy Pantyhose?

Unfortunately, nowadays women wearing sexy pantyhose mostly for their partners forgetting that looking sexy is important for themselves as well. What can be more pleasant than the feeling that you’re the sexiest woman in the world being liked by all men ?! Have you ever experienced the feeling when men’s heads are turning while you’re walking by or the feeling of complete assurance that you’re able to seduce the man of your dream? All this may become reality if you have Sexy pantyhose on!

Sexy Pantyhose

Having sexy pantyhose you don’t need some special occasion to wear it. This piece of clothing may be worn for almost any occasion: weddings or anniversaries, into the boardroom and certainly the bedroom. You may wear it just for fun, or whenever you need to feel on top of the world. Having the right kind of sexy pantyhose on your legs you’ll feel extremely sexy, attractive and you may raise your self-esteem many levels up. As a woman you know how important it’s to feel desired and sensual. Sexy pantyhose will help you to achieve this goal.

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